GA Easter Egg Newsletter

This Newsletter is to help our GA’s find the Easter Egg! If you’ve stumbled upon this article, this may not apply to you! If it does, please make sure to read the instructions below!

Instructions for the Easter Egg

Hopefully you saw my ‘blunder’ during the meeting where I accidentally showed this Newsletter from the Home page! If you did, YAY!

During our meeting, I’ll be discussing the contracting pages that I’ve made for you! In order to complete the Easter Egg, please request a contract from your page! Doing this will allow you to see the emails that will be sent to you AND your agents during the process. Additionally, this will help me fix any bugs with the process, though I’ve done some fair testing.

If I were a GA, my URL would be: … But i’m not a GA, so that page will give you an error. But if you searched for yours, I’m sure there won’t be an error. cool

We will be able to see the submissions and doing so means you found the Easter Egg!!